A Proposal for Earth Decimal Time Version 1.4 Last Modified
0.244379 Earth Decimal
Time (EaDT)
Copyright (c) 2007, Richard L. Mitchell
Mean Solar Year = 365.2421934
Much like current time except no dividing by 12.
Also years exactly track the Sun and months exactly track the Moon.
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Current Method of Time Measurement Decimal Time Nickname Decimal to Current
Year Starts January 1 Year Starts at vernal equinox, divisions are determined by mean solar year Same as solar year
Deciyear One tenth of a year based on mean solar year 1.2 months
Month Starts January 1, variable number of
Month Starts at first new Moon closest to the vernal equinox Same as lunar month
Centiyear One hundreth of a year 3.652421934 days
Day Day First day of month starts as above, second day starts one Earth rotation later Same
Milliyear Mil One thousandth of a year 8.765812642 hours
Hour One-twentyfourth of a day
Decimilliyear1 Demil One ten-thousandth of a year 0.876581264 hours
Centimilliyear1 Cemil One hundred-thousandth of a year 5.259487585 minutes
Minute One sixtieth of an hour
Microyear Mic One millioneth of a year 31.55692551 seconds
Decimicroyear1 Demic One ten-milloneth of a year 3.155692551 seconds
Second One sixtieth of a minute
Centimicroyear1 Cemic One hundred-millionth of a year 0.315569255 seconds
Time would be stated as x.xxxxxx if down to the microyear.
Time at the end of the year might reset before reaching .999999 if the year is shorter than the Mean Solar Year.
If the year is longer than the Mean Solar Year, time would be stated as y+.yyyyyy where y is the next year and .yyyyyy is the factor over.
There would still be 12 months in the year of 29.5 days each.
The first month of the year could start up to 14.25 days prior to the vernal equinox and up to 14.25 days after.
The day at the end of the month would normally straddle the month line i.e. be at the end of the previous month and at the beginning of the next month.

Time would be the same all over the Earth.
1 Combining decimal references is normally not considered acceptable.  In fact there is movement for getting rid of Deci and Centi since they are not 10-3 references.  I believe we need these degradations though.  I proposed some nicknames.