I am writing this post without direct access to my system. I’ll edit it later if I discover problems….

I looked at and/or tried some of the suggestions on the web. These included:

1. Doing it with the “remi” library. I didn’t try that as I was not familiar with that library.

2. Enabling the development repository under yum. I tried this but could not get past the gecko dependency problems.

Finally, I went back to what I first tried i.e. download tar and install it.

Upon startup, I received a libstdc++…so5 not found error. I resolved this by doing an Add Software and installing the compat…3… libraries.

Note, if you say yes to make it the default browser, running by clicking on the browser icon on the desktop header will invoke your Firefox 2. You don’t need to change /usr/bin/firefox unless you plan to run from the command line. Even then you can run /usr/local/lib/firefox instead.

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Last Modified: February 13, 2014

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