The “$JBOSS_HOME/bin/ stop” which sets up the environment and does a “$JBOSS_HOME/bin/ -S” was not working in my environment. After MUCH work, I determined it was because my system is behind a firewall, and the shutdown command was attempting to communicate through it. When I opened ports 1098 and 1099 on the firewall, things got further, but when I watched the packets, I was getting “checksum” errors. Strange.

Anyway, this is the entry which saved me

It explains how to setup the JMX invoker so that it works on localhost. That is what did it for me. Be careful though when using it as there is a missing “” at the end of last example under point 3. I did flag that back to the kbase people so that it might be fixed as of your reading of this.

Please read and heed the references near the end of the kbase article cited above about securing your JBoss server. When you do this, i.e. SecureTheInvokers, you will need to add login parameters after the -S in the shutdown.

There is some indication I may need other ports open on my firewall.

We’ll see. Meanwhile, if you are having shutdown problems, which I have seen many posts indicating people have, see the RedHat Kbase post above.

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Last Modified: September 17, 2013

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