Monthly Archives: February 2014

My Glass

Yes, I have been a Google Glass explorer since Monday. Some observations….

1. I didn’t really have to adjust them. I haven’t moved the nose pads at all. Of course, I have to move the prism slightly to see the whole picture.

2. I decided I want to get my prescription lenses in and ordered the frames to do so which I received yesterday. I am momentarily off to the eye glass store for that. I am in somewhat of a dilemma as to what to get. I was considering single vision versus my normal progressive. I believe I am going to go with the progressives. I am not going to do my normal Transition lens thing though. I am afraid they might interfere with the eye sensor when they go dark. I am going to hope someone comes out with clipons which have the cutout for the eye piece.

3. I took a couple of days to get used to the interface since I am not an Android guy. (More on that later.) I believe I have most of it now though.

4. I discovered early on that Glass does not connect to a WPA2-Enterprise network. Fortunately, I found an app for that. GlassWifiConnect.

5. In order to get the above to work, I had to learn how to “side load” apps. I found this explanation to be very helpful though I did have to fill in a few blanks. I don’t know if that is just because I couldn’t follow the instructions exactly or there really are some missing steps. In any case, I found the explanation very helpful, and I was able to figure it out.

6. I have been a iPhone guy since the very first one! I don’t know that will change, but because of needing to do the above, I found out that the Android IDE in Eclipse based and programming language is Java. Both of which I know. I may need to change my religion! I am seriously considering adding a line with an Android phone. Not only because of this but SMS and GPS seem to be compatibility issues with iPhone.

7. In addition to side loading the above. I also side loaded SpeedHud and Drive Safe for Glass. I’m still experimenting with them. I am having some issues. I believe some may be related to my iPhone versus Android thing. Between getting heads up turn by turn directions and these two apps and others to come, I hope states don’t legislate these away. I agree that texting and email and movie watching and other such distracting applications should be illegal while driving. However, if you ban Glass altogether to stop these abuses, you eliminate the important legitimate uses as well. I’ll already have a blog entry on this so that I will stop there.

Anyway, interesting so far. There is yet much exploring to do.

Return of the Thick (Fat) Client

In the beginning, of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) at least, all applications used a thick (or fat) client. That means the client controlled all aspects of the user experience in regards to using an application. Developers tended to like them because they allowed them to provide a generally richer experience and better control of said experience. As Web browsers matured, though, enterprises began pushing developers for Web (or thin) clients. That is because thick clients normally required a visit by a desktop technician and keeping up with the versions was very difficult.

Fast forward to today. Today, we have multiple browsers and multiple versions thereof. Furthermore, the browser developers are pushing out new versions faster and faster. Now, we have a very difficult situation for the enterprise to manage. Thin client X required browser version N where thin client Y requires browser version N+1. If a user needs to run both, we have a real problem. This leads to pressure by enterprises on developers to keep up with the browser versions.

I believe this will lead to the return of the thick client. I am already seeing some of this. LogMeIn, which is remote desktop software, used to be all browser based. It now requests to load a thick client when you select to remote control. It downloads and installs said client with your permission. I also am working with Forms inMotion from Keymark. It currently only has a thick client though a Web client is on the horizon.

Why can this work now when it didn’t previously? Well, first, there is more bandwidth now making downloading and install on demand more viable. There is still the potential problem of needing admin rights to install that needs to be licked though. Second, software like LanDeskĀ (link taken down at their request) allows enterprises to originally install software without a desktop technician visit and keep it up to date.

The bottom line is I believe we will see the return of the thick client.

Google Glass and Driving

I’ve seen many articles on line regarding the evil of using Google Glass while driving. I noted, though, a couple of applications which could change people’s minds. One application is one that shows your speed. Ask a fighter pilot whether it is better to have your instruments on a heads up display or needing to glance in the cockpit to see them. Another application is one that detects you are falling asleep at the wheel and wakes you up. Ask a state trooper how many accidents they have investigated where the cause was falling asleep at the wheel.

Most technologies can be used and abused. If you legislate to prohibit the technology to control the abusers, you eliminate the uses as well. Please be careful with the legislation.