Monthly Archives: March 2008

I Have Seen the Light! I Have a Macbook!

Yes, I did all my research and bought a Macbook.  I went with the Macbook and the 13.3″ screen as a backlash from owning a Sony Vaio 17″ screen laptop.  I wanted something lighter.I figured if I wanted more screen real estate, I would plug into my widescreen monitor.  That meant I wanted to make sure I had the Santa Rosa chip set.It was everything I wanted except I started looking for Quicken.  I found out that I could not get a 2008 version.  That led me to VMware Fusion to run Quicken.  It works excellently in the Unity mode where the windows look like they are running on the Mac!I then bought 2 GB of Crucial memory to get to a total of 3 GB.Also, I found I needed 1Password to save my important information.I am enjoying Time Machine saving on my USB drive.Things are going well.