Monthly Archives: October 2007

World Series Champion Boston Red Sox

Yes! Boston did it again!

It wasn’t 86 years for me the first time as I had only been a fan since 1978. That meant it was only 26 years for me.

However, I could get used to them taking it half the time or even more!

And, remember, the NY stands for Next Year!

B is for baseball!!

iPhone First Impressions and Beginning of Complaint List

I got an iPhone for myself as an early birthday present.

It certainly has good usability features, and I recommend it for that. Here are some things I like other than the usability:

1. WiFi in addition to the AT&T mobile phone and data connection.

2. Bluetooth compatibility seems more straight forward than Windows Mobile 5. Oops, I have to strike this based on the fact that my stereo headphones don’t work. See below.

However, I here is the start of my complaint list:

1. I have used thumb keyboards for a long time. Because this one doesn’t have “real” keys, I find it difficult to hit the correct letters. It is not the edge of your thumb that counts, but the part that hits the key. That means the key is covered when you hit it. I seem to need to aim slightly more to the inside of what feels natural.

2. I had it “hang up” the first night after I had tried the settings for my WIFI at home. I found out how to reset it by holding home and sleep/wake. I did several times but the slider to unlock it wouldn’t work. I tried to restore the software but got error 1602. I followed the instructions under support for clearing 1602 including to reboot the PC and, if that didn’t work, uninstall and reinstall iTunes. Almost like I was working with a PC. Well, I was on the iTunes side but not the other side! Nothing worked. Finally I got it to go by doing some combination of holding my breath, plugging it in a certain way, etc. Pretty frustrating.

3. I just found out that the iPhone does not do Internet Streaming Radio and such. Too bad. I had that on my Windows Mobile 5 phone. I did find out that it will play static MP3 files as podcasts via Quicktime in Safari.

4.  I found out my Tunecast II doesn’t work. It needs some kind of headphone extension adapter. I have seen them advertised on the Internet.

5. Seems I can only turn an MP3 into a Ringtone if I buy it from iTunes. Not very open….

6. The iPhone won’t sync with Lotus Notes. Interestingly, it will sync with Yahoo Address Book but not Yahoo Calendar. All the rest is Outlook. Another interesting thing…. When you go to My Yahoo on Safari, Yahoo says it doesn’t support Safari.

7. No electronic wallet thing exists unless you want the encrypted passwords stored on the Internet.

I’m sure I’ll find more. Meanwhile, I will try to enjoy it.

8. I discovered another one…. My Jabra BT620S Bluetooth stereo headphones work as a headphone for a call but not for playing music ala iPod. This is a real bummer!!

And another!!

9. No copy-paste!

My son, who now as an iPhone, discovered another….

10. No ability to navigate to a specific page of a PDF through the browser. That makes it tough if what you need to find is on page 150 or so!