Monthly Archives: April 2007

Digital Shortwave

I recently returned to shortwave listening after a few decade absence. I discovered computer controlled receivers. These, with associated software, are very efficient at looking through a large number of frequencies with possible catches in a short time.

I also discovered Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM). It was difficult for me to get it to work, but when I did, how wonderful! You either receive the signal or you don’t. If you do, it is crystal clear!

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A Proposal for Earth Decimal Time

I had a brainstorm that wouldn’t it be nice to be able to express time as a decimal year and to use that in practice. I recorded my thoughts in Excel (and stuck in a Copyright (c) 2007, Richard L. Mitchell).

Then I started searching on the Internet. I see in Wikipedia that I am not the first one to have such a thought. There is an article on Decimal Time and several related articles. Also I read up on time on the U.S. Navel Observatory web site. I found similar but not identical ideas. Most had to do with decimally dividing the day but an equinox may also be involved. It appears that just such a time was actually instituted post French Revolution.


It is a proposal! Please comment!