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Belkin Bluetooth Mouse F8T041 Install on Windows XP SP2

Every since I upgraded to SP2, I have had trouble with my Bluetooth Support Server, which came with my Bluetooth mouse from Belkin, aborting. I worked with Belkin to try and correct this.Belkin support was very helpful, but I couldn’t get their solution to work. Their solution involved downloading and installing the latest software from WIDCOMM (through Belkin), namely 1.4.2 Build 10 after a clean uninstall. I had trouble getting a clean install as MsiExec.exe tended to abort in the middle of the install. In addition, the install under SP2 picks the Microsoft drivers, and you need to switch it the Belkin drivers. Even when I got a clean install, the Bluetooth Support Server would start aborting again.

Finally, I got the idea of just uninstalling the Belkin software and going with the Microsoft Bluetooth software in SP2. That worked! My mouse works fine and I no longer have any Bluetooth Support Server aborts. I might be missing functionality, but, if so, I don’t know it. If you have this Bluetooth Support Server abort problem with your Belkin mouse, I recommend you contact Belkin technical support. If, however, things don’t work out there, you might try just going with the Microsoft Bluetooth software as noted above. Also, be aware, this same software from WIDCOMM is used by manufacturers other than Belkin and may have the same problems. Also, remember, as far as I know this is only an issue on WINXP SP2.